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yeah basically
got me a fresh new jacket yo
i was taking funny photos of photobooth the other day and sending them to some friends and this one happened and so yeah stuff x0x0x0
this legal studies assignment is inspiring R v Dabelstein (2012) 
i’m so beyond tired but sleep just isn’t an option right now. i won’t go to bed ever. also i’m gross today so b&w. i’m also a little bit drunk. 

matt&hectos are my homeboiz

photobooth fixed itself and i have an afro comb
i got this sweater from rozelle markets today for $15, along with a denim jacket for $25, white nike air force 1s for $35 and a new wallet for $4. bloody good haul mother fuckers.
i am not going to get any work done today :/
i have a very big coffee. i had no mulk so i had to drive to woollies and get mulk so to feel better i made my coffee extra big with three espressos and it’s beautiful and i’m going to enjoy it. then i’m going to shower and get dressed and go to my music lesson and accept that i will not have sex ever again because the universe hates me and then get super trashed at this party tonight.
good. solid. plan. i will go librarying a lot this week to make up for being an asshole. xoxo

today was really boring and i didn’t really do anything until about 5 o’clock when my friend tani was all like i’m so pissed i didn’t get to sculpture by the sea and i was like well my sister is just about to go to annandale so we can pick you up and let’s fucking go to sculpture by the sea. 

they should really consider keeping some of them, like the couch and the window one. 

fuck. i need to spend more time at the beach.

also all my photos suck because there were so many people and i wasn’t paying attention, just pressing the take button but ‘evs.

so my leg was really itchy in one spot and i went to look at it and there was a single cat hair and around it was all red and bumpy and hooray for allergies.
sometimes if my hair gets in my face i get hay fever. 
real people, real stories.
no make up xoxo
ground dwelling
but i was about to have a shower and my sister was in the shower and i was all undressed with no where to go.
here is another picture of when i did things in melbum.